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On Thursday, March 24th, the Board of Supervisors Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee will consider a plan co-sponsored by Supervisors Campos and Yee to declare a homeless State of Emergency. As they rush this plan through the Board, local neighbors are learning the facts:

  • The City evaluated 36 neighborhood sites — including six sites in our district — for homeless shelters without neighborhood notice.
  • The City is proposing “wet houses” and “safe” injection sites, where individuals with untreated substance abuse continue to use alcohol and drugs, even though property crime has risen in some District 7 neighborhoods by more than 50% in the last year alone.
  • This State of Emergency suspends local health, safety and zoning laws to allow the conversion of scarce commercial district parking into homeless shelters.

When the Chronicle reported on this plan on March 16th, it was the first time many neighbors learned about this proposal. Days later, columnist C.W. Nevius called the idea “silly.” Barely a week later, the Supervisors want to rush it without your input. It takes longer to get permits to make a modest change to your home or open your business than the time the Board has spent considering this risky legislation.


Please join us in signing the attached letter to the Board of Supervisors — and District 7 Supervisor Yee — to let them know we are committed to protecting West Portal and Ocean Avenue.

Ben Matranga
West Portal neighbor
Candidate for the Board of Supervisors, District 7

PS: Don’t just take my word for it. Read the Ordinance here, how this would change existing law here, and the Chronicle articles Supervisor pushes S.F. to speed building of homeless shelters; SF mayor, neighbors dismiss list of potential shelter sites; and, Unconventional plan for SF substance abusers could work.

Sign The Petition

Dear Supervisors:

We are writing to express deep concern about legislation to declare a shelter State of Emergency, which would suspend local zoning, health and safety laws to place shelters all across the City — even in neighborhoods that lack other support services homeless individuals need. Homelessness is a top concern, but this proposal creates serious health and safety risks.

We are informed that the sponsor has proposed 36 sites — including six in District 7 — to be evaluated for homeless shelters, “wet houses” and so-called “safe” injection sites. Many locations are near schools, playgrounds, and in the heart of our merchant corridors on West Portal Avenue and Ocean Avenue.

A compassionate approach that represents the best of our values is clearly needed. However, creating temporary homeless services with no ground rules right in residential neighborhoods isn’t the way to solve the problem. An unprecedented rise in property and violent crime in our neighborhoods could get even worse with a proposal to relocate homeless individuals with untreated substance abuse problems into our neighborhoods.

We call on you to reject this dangerous plan by voting no on a shelter State of Emergency to protect District 7 sites from incompatible homeless shelter uses. Thank you for your time and attention.

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